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Jack was on a one week trip to London. It was his first time in the city, and he was excited about moving around and exploring the city. There was so much to do, and he was in his hotel room planning the day. Suddenly, he heard some commotion outside his hotel. He looked out of the hotel room window and saw the most bizarre thing in his life. There was this car that was moving at high speed, and people were running to get out of its way.

He didn’t wait for too long in his room. He grabbed the camera, rushed out of the hotel room, and went to the street. He saw the car moving faster. He quickly took a cab and went after it. He wanted to film the action and be of any help if he could.

The car halted in front of a cafe. Three young teens got out of it and went inside the cafe, and jack followed them. They seemed like a trouble maker to Jack. By then, some media agencies had arrived at the spot for reporting. They saw the guys getting into a fight with someone inside the cafe. They didn’t go inside the cafe and kept shooting from outside. They were getting the visuals but not the audio.

Jack, on the other hand, went inside, turned off his camera, and kept it inside his bag. He took out a mini microphone from the backpack and started recording their conversation. They were arguing over something. He got a little closer to get better audio quality.

After about ten minutes or so, the police arrived at the spot and arrested the rooks. He had got the whole thing recorded.

He went back to his hotel room and was lying down on the bed listening to the recording. That was when he got an idea. The idea was to get a transcription of the record and sell it to the local news agencies.

He immediately got into action. A couple of minutes later, he got the transcription of the audio file. It was a free online tool that he used to get the transcription. Then he spent another 30 minutes trying to get in touch with the news agencies in London. When he got into contact with one of them, he got a deal and sold the transcription of the recording. They now had the audio of the footage, and he had some extra $1200 in his pocket. All these because of a tool that cost him nothing! Online audio to text converter.

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